Landlord and Tenant Messaging System

UKRents have developed our own unique messaging system between landlords and tenants. As a landlord you can contact any of your tenants from their profile page, the same goes for tenants, they can contact you directly as well. With our messaging system we keep all conversations in both tenants and landlords accounts in case they are required in the future.

Below is a short tutorial and more information and screenshots.

Is this linked with Whatsapp or any other app?
No, it's purely our own system, our site has been built from scratch with our own coding, we don't like to rely on other 3rd party plugins or sites.

How do you know when a message has been sent?
We automatically send an email which includes the actual message.

Where else is the messaging system used?
We also use our messaging system when a tenant has signed documents that you have created, this is done with a digital signature and once signed is locked. 
Maintenance tasks also use the messaging system to keep track of progress and updates.

Image of messaging system
Image showing standard messages

Image showing signed document through messaging system

Image showing Signed Document from tenant through messaging system

Image showing maintenance task updates through messaging system

Image showing Maintenance task updates through messaging system