Creating a Tenancy Agreement Online

Can I Create my Own Tenancy Agreement Online?

Simple answer, YES! With our document creator you can create any document, agreement, letter, absolutely anything. We will get into more detailed information down the page and in the video because even though it's easy to create there's lots of features that comes with this. 

If you have a tenancy agreement that you currently use all you need to do is copy the text to our creator, this will then create and save your agreement. If you want to go one step further you can drag and drop 'Doc Boxes' that are labelled, doing this allows your tenants to complete the agreement online in their user account. You can also create a template which once saved can be used at anytime.

Creating a template for any agreement

When you create any document you are able to save this as a template. Once saved you can then use this document at any time and use for any property. We've made this nice and simple, you just type and drag the boxes from the right, these boxes are for answers to your questions and for signatures.

Image of Template Creator

How it looks when completed in the document creator.

Completed Document

Preview of how it appears as PDF

Tenancy agreement example

Our software allows you to create a document and then save it as a template. Once saved as a template you can use this for future tenants, it even goes as far as importing some of the fields, for example, name, email, phone, rent amount and deposit etc.

All documents and agreements are then stored against the property. You can create and store as many documents as you like, we do not have a storage limit. 

Digital Signing
Once you've created logins for your tenant they will be able to digitally sign your tenancy agreement or any document you create. Once signed by your tenant and approved by yourself the document is saved and locked, so no further changes can be made to the signed agreement. There is no extra charge for digital signatures, it's all included in your package.