Maintenance Reporting Software

Does the website allow Maintenance Reporting?

YES! We've included Maintenance reporting for landlords and also tenants. If you have a tenant that prefers to call you to report any property issues you can simply login and add the task, you can also assign the task to a tradesman from your 'Business Accounts'  that you've added.

Can Tenants add Maintenance Tasks themselves?
YES! They can, provided you've setup a user account for them, watch our video and scroll for more info and screenshots.

How does it work?

When you add any user to the system you can create an online account for them, this can be done at anytime. Once logged into the tenants account they can select the tab 'Maintenance Tasks'. Here they can report the issue with the property and add additional photographs. Once they have saved the task the landlord receives notification by email informing them. The landlord then logs in and gets a 'Notification' and 'message'. Here they can view the maintenance task and approve or decline the work. During the task the landlord or tenant can update via the maintenance task message centre and all info saved. After work completed the landlord can instantly create an invoice for their accounts.

Image of Adding a Maintenance Task to a Property

Image of Maintenance Task Created with Messaging

Screenshot showing Tenants view of maintenance tasks

Screenshot showing how a tenant can create a maintenance task with images