Interactive Calendar for Landlords and Tenants

Everyone needs a calendar to remind them of their busy schedule. package includes a calendar that gets updated with all associated actions. Viewings, maintenance tasks, payments due, move in and move out dates, epc, electrical and gas safety certificate reminders, assign to members of staff, add a manual event, assign coded colours, we can't think of anything else to add! It's all there!

Watch the video below

What can be done with our calendar?
Lots it the simple answer to that! 

What's added automatically to the calendar?

Every time you enter a viewing on the system it will automatically be added to the calendar.

Tenants 'Move in and Move out' dates.
Added to the calendar and set a reminder for 7 days beforehand changeable if required.

EPC, Gas Safety Certificate and Electrical Certificate reminders are added as well, again a 7 day reminder is preset prior to expiry.

Manual Event
Maybe a meeting or appointment, this can also be assigned to a property and a member of your family, team or staff.

We let you know when a new invoice has been generated and also on the day the payment id due, this is for any invoice including of course recurring invoices.

Here are some screenshots of the calendar.

Landlords Calendar filter by

Add manual event Landlords calendar

Assign manual event to a property