Joint or Shared Landlord Ownership

Can I add more than one Landlord to the website?

Easily done. What's even better is you can assign a percentage of ownership and add as many shared owners as you like. Maybe it's just a joint ownership or possibly a property with 5 shared owners, we've got it covered and more......

How many Landlords can I add?
You can add as many as you want.

Image showing how to add a user as a landlord

Image showing adding a landlord to the system

Is it super flexible?
100% Yes, you can add shared ownership at anytime, change percentages whenever required, everything has been thought of and developed with ease in mind.

Image showing how to add percentage to a landlord

Entering a percentage for shared ownership

How does it work?
Simply add a landlord to your users page, then go to the property details page and your landlords name will be listed, you tick the box and enter their percentage for the associated property.

Can they login to their property?
As you are the main account holder you can grant permission for your fellow landlords to access the property they are in ownership with you.

What if our percentage changes?
No problem, simply enter the new percentage and click save!

What if a landlord resigns from ownership?
Just remove them from the system, they can then no longer login.