Creating an Account for your Tenants

This tutorial shows the simple process of creating an online account for your tenants. Super easy to do, literally just a click of the mouse. Below is a short video and questions answered.

Is it easy to do?
Yes, everything on UKRents is easy to do!

How many user accounts can we add?
There is no limit.

Do I have to create an account for them at the beginning?
No, you can create an account anytime you like for your tenants.

How are they notified of their account?
We email them immediately with a link that they click.

Do I create a password for them?
No, they create their own password when they have clicked the link.

What do they gain?
Your tenants will gain the following if you create an account for them.....

*Access to our messaging centre, you are emailed when a message has been entered and your replies are all added to the system, a great way of saving all correspondence if required in future.
*Access to their invoices and receipts, available to download as a PDF if required.
*Ability to create maintenance tasks, update tasks and reply on the task through messaging.
*Upload any documents required, such as ID, Proof of Address etc, we accept any format.
*Ability to download legal documents and digitally sign.

Screenshot showing the 'Create an Account' button.
Image showing how to create an account for your tenants.

Screenshot showing tenants profile page.
Image showing tenants account profile page