Property Software for Landlords

What does offer to Landlords? offer UK Landlords the latest property software to manage their property portfolio. We offer everything required including viewings, offers, calendar, maintenance tasks, user accounts, auto emails, invoicing, recurring invoicing, document creator, document storage, digital signing and loads more. Choose a standard account or company account, same price, same great software. Company accounts allow a VAT number to be entered and included with all invoicing.

Take all of this and add an online ticketing system for assistance as well as a direct phone number that actually gets answered and you know you're dealing with a company you can trust. We have also included an automatic error reporting system so if the very rare situation an error occurs we're instantly notified and on the case fixing it. 

Below is a quick video introduction to our landlord software from Trevor Gillham.

So what's on offer with our Property Software for Landlords?

Dependent on how many properties you have in your portfolio. Our system can handle an unlimited amount of properties. We only offer one upgrade and that is for 'User Logins' for your tenants.  There is full suite of rich features allowing you to manage your property portfolio easily with unlimited storage. If it's a 1 bed flat or a 6 bed HMO we've got it covered.

Tenant Logins
You can create an account with one click for your tenants at anytime, all that's required is an email address. We send them an email, they then create their own password and can then gain access to their property dashboard. Here they can message you directly, sign a digital contract or any agreement created by yourself, view their invoices and receipts, report a maintenance issue and change personal information. Any changes made by your tenants are shown with an alert in your portfolio for you to approve, so you will see if they have a new phone number, change name etc. You are also able to grant permission for your tenants to upload documents, maybe a driving license, proof of funds etc, all these once uploaded by your tenants then await your approval in your landlord dashboard notification centre, these are then stored against the property in the tenants documents folder.

Screenshot of the login page for your Tenants

Tenants Logins Maintenance Tasks
Tenants can report maintenance issues with photos and once reported are saved in both portfolios, we also send you an email with the task. You can then approve the task and assign to a business contact/contractor added by yourself if required. You can also communicate with your tenants via the maintenance task messaging system with updates. 

Screenshot of how your Tenant can report a maintenance issue for the rental property

Tenants Logins Invoicing
Tenants can view their invoices/receipts from within their portfolio and download if required, we also email them invoices and paid receipts. 

Screenshots showing Invoice created, unpaid and Invoice PAID

We developed an invoicing tool that takes minutes to complete and will save you so much time. You can create a single invoice for anything and also create invoices from a business or individual to yourself, you can also upload original receipts for storage. 

Screenshots showing creation of invoices

Recurring Invoicing
Setup the monthly rental for your tenant and let the system do the rest. You can set the date when you would like the reminder that payments due to be emailed and also once the rent has been paid simply click 'Paid' and that's it! We notify you in your daily calendar that payment is due. All reminders are displayed at the top of your dashboard.

Image showing how to create a recurring Invoice for a tenant

Our Landlord Software will send emails automatically if you want. Some of the options are when booking a viewing, entering an offer, accepting an offer etc. They are preset with text already but you can change them to your own wording should you prefer. 

Screenshot of Auto-Emails which can all be edited exactly how you want

Screenshot showing how to edit an email template

Auto-Email Footer
Should you wish to promote tenant insurance or just wish your tenants Happy Xmas on the emails this is done automatically, simply upload an image or text and we will include it at the bottom of every email sent.

Screenshot showing how to add wording, image, offer or anything you like and the foot of every email

Personalised Branding
Setup your account with colours of your choice, your personalised colour layout also appears in your tenants account. Upload your photo and a logo and make the dashboard your own.

Screenshot showing how you can personalise your dashboard and your tenants dashboards appearance

User Management

Do you want others to be able to access your account?
You can add other users to access the landlord software easily, simply add their profile and provide them with a password. They can then have access, all actions carried out when they are logged are saved as that person. So if you added 'Amanda' to your account for example and she booked a viewing, her name will appear next to that viewing for your records. There is no limit to adding extra users and they can be deleted at anytime.

Screenshot showing how to add multiple users to manage your account

Message Centre
You can communicate directly with your tenants through our messaging centre. If you add a message we also email them so they are notified, they can then respond and it's added to the messaging centre. This is also used for the signing of contracts, documents and agreements.

Screenshot showing message centre

Interactive Calendar
All actions that have a date/time applied are automatically added to the calendar, including viewings, tenant move in and move out dates, maintenance tasks, manually added events, EPC, Electrical Certificates and Gas Safety Certificates alert you 7 days prior to expiry, then on the day of expiry. Finally all invoices created and invoice due are included as well. We show the daily calendar at the top of your dashboard.

Screenshot showing interactive calendar

Legal Documents, Tenancy Agreements
There is a legal documents folder for every property, upload, add a caption and save. Here we have also included a document creator, you can create any legal document you need, for example easily create a tenancy agreement. Once uploaded and saved you can use this as a template for any property. Our landlord software can also automatically input fields for you, such as name, phone, email etc of your tenant. Simply enter your text, add a question and drag and drop answer box for your tenant to complete. Then if just a case of clicking a button, then the contract appears in your tenants account for completion. Once completed, saved and approved by yourself it's locked automatically, no more changes can be made.

Business Contacts
Keep all your business contacts and contractors in one place. Add all their info and they can then be selected from the dropdown for maintenance tasks.

Screenshot showing business contacts

HMO Properties
We have an easy to use section for HMO properties. We simply ask is the property a HMO? 
If you select yes, then you can enter room names and numbers, rent payable, fees etc. When it's marked as a HMO you can also then invoice on a per room basis, set them up with a user account and they can also report a maintenance issue on a per room basis. Maintenance issues can also be reported as a house issue if not room associated.

Screenshot of selecting 'Yes' for a HMO property

Property Brochure
If you upload photographs, floor plans and EPC certificate with a property description we automatically create an online property brochure for you, simply copy the URL and add to your online advertising, such as Gumtree.