Recurring Payments

How to setup recurring payments for your tenants.

Setup a recurring payment invoice and receipt once for your tenants and the system does the rest. Whether it's for rent or insurance or in fact anything our system handles this with ease. This can also be done a rooms for HMO properties. Payments can be weekly, monthly, with start date, due date and last payment date. All invoices appears in your calendar which when you've confirmed the money has been paid requires 'one-click' of your mouse and receipts are sent and saved in your tenants online account.

Is it easy to create a recurring payment?

Yes it is, check out the video and watch just how easy it is.

How many recurring payments can I setup?
As many as you like, there is no limit.

Is it really all automated?
Yes, once you have added the payment to the system we do the rest. The only other thing left for you to do is to click 'Paid' on the invoice in your daily calendar reminder.

What happens when I click 'Paid'?
We send a receipt to your tenant and also save the PDF in their online account.

What about HMO properties?
No different, simply create the recurring payment against the tenants name, the same as a non HMO property.

Does it save a copy for the Landlord?
Yes, all invoices are saved in your online portfolio.

Can I edit the recurring payment?
Yes, in any way you want.

Below is a screenshot of the recurring payments page, as you can see, nice and easy!